Pastoral Dreams

Pastoral Dreams
"You have to have a sense of humour, darling, to be alive. Even a bit mad. It helps to be mad."

Friday, July 11, 2014

The Garden Called


Therefore I have no paintings to post but I really wanted to participate in Paint Party Friday today so I am sharing another revised version of my Etsy shop banner I did around the same time I stopped blogging in May.  
I have been busy gardening, cleaning house and enjoying some of the glorious summer weather boating . I find the Spring and Summer season keeps me more outdoors and less inside and by the time I finish with the chores, shower and eat I am totally wiped and ready for bed!
Next week I will share a painting I'm working on and some of the garden art I recently did. Have a great weekend and enjoy the weather wherever you are!

Until later,

Friday, May 9, 2014

GhosTales ~ Etsy Shop Banner


My new Etsy Shop Name "GhosTales".
I really wasn't too happy with my old shop name ( CassienadognamedBoo) and wanted something along the Ghost theme since I seem to be drawn to spooky dark fairytale type art. I played around on Photoshop and came up with this design......temporary of course. I'm still working on a better composition and the Lover's eyes.

 Click on GhosTales to see a larger format.

Thanks Eva and Kristin : )


Until later,

Friday, April 25, 2014


Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination when awake?
~ Leonardo Da Vinci

My Answer

In Dreams we get to live in an imaginary world we build, nothing stands in the way of our inner visions of the night, our minds empty of thought and open to the time and space of our dream. 


Still working on eyes and will be for a while. I haven't put much thought on a name for the series since I am experimenting with an assortment of styles, realistic and imaginary.

The eye sees!

Another eye I drew and painted with water colours.

More realistic than the one from two weeks ago "Come a Little Closer".

Not sure if I will use this eye in one of the frames, just testing it out.I think I want a more beautiful eye for these particular frames.

And I finally remembered to check the mail at the post office yesterday. This is just gorgeous Sherrie aka Giggles! I love it!!!

Haha, my best friend!

Need to keep this in mind. Sometimes I let work sit there forever and forget it : )

And always remember!

Thanks a bunch Giggles! I will always cherish your quote book and keep it on my coffee table, use the bag to keep my iPad and books when I go to Chapters for my coffee and book fix : ) 
I'm not so sure if I will use the cards. I just might keep them for myself until the right occasion that merits them comes along.

Until later,

Friday, April 18, 2014


"Missed the last train home.
Birds pass by to tell me I'm not alone.
Well, I'm pushing myself to finish this part,
Can handle a lot,
But one thing I'm missing in your eyes."

"How did it get so late so soon?"........I know, it was the bloody sugar!!!

This past week has been total confusion and disorder, a brain all fogged up and not from the shower.
I am totally fed up with the number of pills I need to take to keep the diabetes in check.
I noticed all of my aches and pains surfaced when I began taking them and so I did a little experiment and didn't take them for a few days, the aches disappeared but the sugars went up. I know my doctor will not be happy with my little investigation but then again I needed to know what was causing the sharp needle pains since all of my other test results were negative.So now it's back to see her and find an alternative route or even better stop eating the stuff I love : )
Needless to say I didn't do much of anything and I wasn't going to post today but then I thought I could share this digital/sketch I did quite a while back. It's a self portrait in caricature. The butterflies and birds , spider webs and spider, the roses and stars ,the old laces and the Pisces sign all describe me. As for the crown , I'm not sure!
I think I will keep this weekend nice and quiet , go on a few walks with the kids and the dog and pick a few pussy willows, always a tradition at this time of year. Maybe the fresh air will entice me to get back on track with the eyes "COME A LITTLE CLOSER". Haven't come up with a name for the series but I can work on that too.
So that's it for now. Take care and enjoy the holiday!

p.s. I'm not sure who left the comment about the light font but your right, I will get to it in time, thanks for the heads up.

Eyes by Rogue Wave ~ Enjoy!

cardifffilmsociety Thanks !

Thanks Eva and Kristin

Until Later,

Friday, April 11, 2014


Photo Courtesy of  

Dreams are a mystery, they are the night fevers that fabricate the delirium of which intoxicates the mind.
Sometimes they come creeping into the room at night with prophetic visions of days of future passed,
immediately the voices are back asking the symbolism of the Dream.

Carl Gustav Jung believed Dreams were a way to communicate and acquaint oneself with their unconscious; a window into one's inner soul.

William Shakespeare said the eyes were the window to one's soul,

And Helen Keller said the most beautiful things in life could not be seen or touched , but felt with the heart.

The dreams, the visions, the eyes, all symbols as well, all telling their very own tale of their heart.

"Cold - hearted orb that rules the night
Removes the colours from our sight
Red is gray and yellow, white
But we decide which is right
And which is an illusion"

~Moody Blues

aND SO THE dREAM (a past dream)
of the
Malocchio ~ The Evil Eye

I'm in the elysium of an evil eye after trying my hand at water colour painting of a Lover's Eye.
Although I'm far from happy with it's horrid gaze it has given me some thoughts to ponder on while creating it. I want to make a series of eye paintings , some beautiful and haunting while some more on the sinister creepier side for incorporating into my Haunted Lover's Eye Spiderweb Frames. 
If you look at the previous post "A Little Fairy Spider by the Name of Charlotte", you can see the frames I'll be using for the next Haunted Lover's Eye in the collection.

"Come a little closer, then you'll see
Come on, come on, come on
Things aren't always what they seem to be"

***********“Come a Little Closer” **********

I was just having a bit of fun playing a little game of “looking for a clue to the identity of the drawn eye in the photograph”. I placed the eye on top of an Ouija Board to convey it's invisible form with the yes and no words barely noticeable, kind of saying “ Yes I'm “The Spirit Eye”, no I'm the Evil Eye or Witch's Eye, the Witch Hazel bottle also being one of the clues. Anyway, didn't really spend a lot of time on the game just thought of it as I posted it. Still a big kid at heart : )

p.s. I don't use the board for it's intended purpose ( I'm a scary cat) I just use it for a Halloween prop.

"Do you understand the things that you've been dreaming?"

 While painting I listened to this song from my daughter's collection, M truly has opened my mind to the current wave of music played on Vampire Diaries , Pretty Little Liars , Castle and other similar programs. I love all sorts of genres , especially the classics and music of the past but some of today's scores are finding their place in my collections as well.
Enjoy : )

Interesting symbolism throughout this song. "Come a Little Closer"by The Cage Elephant.The most blaring ones are The Third Eye, Planets, Possible Drug References, etc. ~ Covertpolitics

Please take the time to pay a visit to the artists on Paint Party Friday. Thanks Eva and Kristin for hosting.

"Time flies by, they all sang along
Time flies by, they all sang along
Time flies by, they all sang along
Time flies ~ bye, bye "
~ Cage the Elephant 

Until Later,

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


It was she, Charlotte the Spider who designed and built some wonderful enchanted cottages in the countryside and by the sea. The Fairy Spider even made some pretty pendents for people to wear who admired her story and wanted to show their undying love for her to the world.

Here are some of Charlotte's past creations of SpiderWeb Homes and Adornments

While on her travels Charlotte acquired an extensive collection of antique architectural elements .

One of particular interest in her purchase was this pair of Antique Victorian Regency Gold Frames.

 " The lady is slightly more faded than the man". 

Of course because of their age they have cracks and some discolouration but to Charlotte that's what gives them their alluring beauty.

They measure 5 inches by 5 1/2 inches

Pictures of the Antique Victorian Regency Gold Frames courtesy of Carla Rae

So Charlotte, have any ideas ?

Until later,

Friday, April 4, 2014


I am laughing and laughing looking at this picture! So cute! Reminds me of the wolf in the fairy-tale - pretending to be grandma! :D

***A comment I was left on Flickr ……Purrfect fit!

While busily de-cluttering the house, my painting got put aside and so for this week I'm sharing this picture of Elliot (Elly Angel) all dressed up like Grandma ~^..^~ and a quote by E.B. White.

This is my second round of Spring Cleaning for this year and more scheduled before those brightly yellow daffodils are dancing in my garden. Yesterday, my husband and daughter helped me pack the truck and bring boxes of  stuff, a collection of tv's and even a much loved wire bird cage ( don't believe in caged birds) for donation to "HOUSE OF LAZARUS" in Mountain….my favourite thrift shop. I almost donated two wool coats but remembered I was saving them for Penny Mats so out they came from the clothes bag destined for HOUSE

Of course, once I was there I couldn't leave before I took one quick look around for artful elements : ) 
Didn't find any, thank God, however I did buy a book……"CHARLOTTE'S WEB" which jogged my memory to see through a commitment I never completed.
Sometime ago I  met a gal with her grandson named Frankie at the Salvation Army store in Kemptville and I had promised the little guy the book but silly me, absent minded old gal that I am lost their number. All that I recall is that she worked at the hospital so I suppose I could try that connection and see if I can get this fabulous book to him, if not , hopefully I'll meet up with them again: )

So ,while I may be preoccupied with daily chores of life it doesn't deter me from being inspired for the next  work of art. So instead of dreading the thought of dirt and dust filling my nostrils and head and just plain procrastination and talk about cleaning , it's quicker to get the job done and before you know it, a spacious room awaits with boundless possibilities .

Oh, and as you can see I revamped my website "Pastoraldreams" and my other website "Thewoodbeyondtheworld" (keeping two sites in case one gets lost :)

 The pictures of the Dandelion and Old Man's Beard are old imperfect photographs I took a while back, I just digitally enhanced them so I suppose they would count as digital paint, right?


Thanks for uploading this song cielzinnn

Thanks Eva and Kristin for hosting Paint Party Friday

Until Later ,

Friday, March 28, 2014


“If I’m honest I have to tell you I still read fairy-tales and I like them best of all.” 

― Audrey Hepburn

I have dreamed all of my life to escape to a world that may just exsist after all. A place far removed from Human Society to one of a Humane Society. Somewhere quiet, serene, still beautiful and untouched by the human hand where all of God's creatures great and small are your neighbours and friends and of course some humans mixed into the equation for casual sporadic conversation when one feels the urgency to refresh their earthly presence.

I created the above banner "Tansy " many moons ago for my Etsy shop but never used it for the simple fact I was too lazy to go back into Dreamweaver to remove the name. Now, many years later I think I will tackle the work on the weekend since hubby rekindled my desire to work on my graphics when he brought home a business card with a picture of me in Bermuda on our honeymoon that he had designed; it definitely wouldn't do unless I want business of a different sort and with liabilities attached of false advertising lol! : ) So now I'll have to rethink the banner and a business card that will more suit the kind of work I do : )

It's funny how thoughts of the day play in the dreams of the night; many wonderful musings came to me as I slept and this was one of them.

The Dandelion Door ~ A Fairy's Home in The Countryside

Like the Spider Fairy Door, The Dandelion Door was constructed in the same way….see last post

I love the idea of a peep hole so it too got one.

A beautiful piece of drift wood was used for the tree which was attached to a slate base with a metal screw. I then nailed the door to the tree , the nails being both ecstatic to the design and purposeful.

Now a word of warning …. I should have known this and I did but still made the mistake because I was overly anxious to see it finished and resulted in losing the work.

This was my first attempt at drawing, wood burning a dandelion on a piece of birch wood needless to say, I nailed it too close to the edge and it broke! I love the design I drew so i will recreate another one when I get more wood. 

So that's it for this week. 
Don't forget to visit everyone on Paint Party Friday and thanks again 
Eva and Kristin

Until later ,

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Fairy Spider and her SpiderWeb Door

A work in Progress

I had a small wood circle and thought it might lend a touch of whimsy to a Fairy's Door so I went about creating a little Fairy/Hobbit Door. The shape of it reminds me more of a Hobbit's door to their home but being such a tiny door I thought it was meant more for a Fairy, actually a Fairy Spider would suit it best : )

Materials Used

Wood Circle

E 6000 Glue

French Vintage Glass Button

Art Deco ? Earrings

Upholstery Tack


Silver Leaf

Wood Burning Tool

Sorry but when I wrote this post it was early morning and I was half asleep so I forgot to say that the spider web , spider and flowers were first sketched in followed by wood burning and then the silver leaf was applied.

I started with a light sketch of the web and Fairy Spider and then applied the silver leaf to the Fairy Spider and her web. I then went over the web threads with a metal tool to give a thinner touch to the Spider Fairy's web threads. The silver leaf is wonderful in mimicking the glittery gossamer silken threads created by the Fairy Spider. After that was done, I worked in the colours with inks. I also thought it be great to have the Spider Fairy know at all times who comes knocking at her door by enclosing a Peep Hole at her door.So I drilled a hold in the centre of the wood circle and added the glass button, when the Fairy Spider Door is placed in front of a light source a light shines through…..magical. 

I will now need to attach the Fairy Spider Door to the burled wood base 

and then I think I will add this Spider Fairy Door to my Etsy shop, I just can't keep holding on to everything : )

So until next time signing off and don't forget to visit everyone at PPF!

Annabelle ~m..m~


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cat reading glasses The smallest feline is a masterpiece. - Leonardo Da Vinci

*** Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ***

*** Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ***
“Where there is no imagination there is no horror”. Arthur Conan Doyle, Sr.

*** Sir Christopher Lee ***

*** Sir Christopher Lee ***
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*** Peter Cushing ***
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*** Haunted House ***

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Here is a lovely wallpaper I came across done by a gal named Isis Rain.

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“It was terrible. It was just terrible. I'll never get over it as long as I live".......
From back in the Sixties to now this is one favorite ghost tale that will happily haunt me infinitely.

Click on Luther for a bit of interesting trivia.

*** Poe Stories ***

*** Poe Stories ***
Artwork by David Gough

*** PoeStories ***


"They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night." Eleonora


Remembering Dreams

"Arousing from the most profound of slumbers, we break the gossamer web of some dream. Yet in a second afterward, (so frail may that web have been) we remember not that we have dreamed." The pit and the pendulum

Human Beauty

"And then there stole into my fancy, like a rich musical note, the thought of what sweet rest there must be in the grave."- from Pit and the Pendulum
Excerpt taken from Robert Giordano's Edgar Allan Poe Site

Artwork by David Gough

Quite an interesting site******* a Must See

*** Snow Angel "Grace " ` No costume needed

Snow Angel "Grace" ~No costume needed! There is no other way to describe this gal...she is a beaut! Luv her!

*** Gremlins ***

*** Gremlins ***
Does your father usually give you vicious little monsters for a present?

Mark Ryden

This Mark Ryden portrait is so hauntingly beautiful, although it didn't need anything else to enhance its beauty I thought it might be nice framed. I created this frame with artwork taken on Polyvore.

*** Halloween Moon ***


Happy Sweet Sixteen Birthday Emma

Happy 16th Halloween Birthday Emma by Annabellelee Have a very Happy 16th Birthday this Halloween Emma Luv Mom, Dad, Ty, Another digital graphic done on Polyvore Annabelle

*** Nine Little Spooky Goblins ***

Nudge Ogle Wink,Nudge, Nudge, Wink WinkNine little spooky goblins stared behind the bubble glassso carefully they watched my every step upon the grassTis alarming when a stranger comes thru hereFor no one ever dare comes nearTheir home, once sat upon a witches head so steepBut now has found a secret box to keep…~ Annabelle

A Little Spooky Treasure Box I made last Halloween

* ~ Spirit of the Night ~

* ~ Spirit of the Night ~
Soon it will be Hallows Eve...Time to create Art from the Dark Side ***Annabelle

" Halloween Flight "

"Halloween Flight" by Annabellelee Made this collage on Polyvore. I should really start using my Dreamweaver and make some on that....In time.Too many things on the go at the moment. ~Annabelle

~ Turn of the Screw ~

~ Turn of the Screw ~
A Flickr mosaic I made some time ago ~ Annabelle


~ "Magic of the Night"...A study in Blue...Color of my Desires. My first painting{the moon}incorporated into a flickr mosaic. ~ Annabelle

*** Magic in the Woods ***

Starry, originally uploaded by Zsaj.

"For in an instance I did think I’d seen a zillion stars ablaze" When I had discovered the magical grove of fossilized crystals I thought I had seen stars. This is what it looked like only on the ground amongst the moss. Thanks to Zsaj for helping me interpret the scene I had discovered a few summers past.

* ~ Scott Gustafson ~

* ~ Scott Gustafson ~
Fairytale Artist / Illustrator

~ Dreaming by a Moonlit Sea ~

~ Enchantments ~

Enchantment New
Myspace Glitter Graphics

We live in a World of Enchantment We Only Have to Believe ~Annabelle

~ Peter Rabbit ~

Needed a break from woodburning and painting so I tried this lovely little toy{ Polyvore Digital Workshop } and created this collage. This is a great way for creating a virtual one before attempting a real mixed media collage, although this is art in itself. Thanks Cindy from "My Romantic Home ", for introducing this great little gadget. I think I'm hooked!

* ~ Once Upon a Butterfly Dream ~


~ Annabelle

~ LONGING ~ # 2

* ~ Twilight at Sea ~

Another collage I created inspired by the poem "Twilight at Sea" I used dragonflies instead of birds...I luv them both but I adore how their gossamer wings catch the light. ~Annabelle

Twilight at Sea

The Twilight Hours like birds flew by,
As lightly and as free;
Ten thousand stars were in the sky,
Ten Thousand on the sea;
For every wave with dimpled face,
That leaped upon the air,
Had caught a star in its embrace,
And held it trembling there.

Amelia Coppuck Welby

* ~ Until We Meet Again ~

This collage is part of a poem I am presently writing for a very good friend who just recently lost his spouse. ~ Annabelle

~ Somewhere in England On Christmas Night ~

~ Somewhere in England On Christmas Night ~
I have always Luved the Old English leaded glass windows

~ Winter Dreams ~

~ Winter Dreams ~
Sunflowers in the Snow...Dreaming ~ Christmas in Canada ~ Annabelle

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*** A Good Witches Brew ***

*** A Good Witches Brew ***
Flickr Favs Mosaic ~Annabelle