Sunday, October 1, 2006

Magic Moments

In the distance I could hear my daughter and husband's laughter, a song filtered from the room, "This magic moment, so different and so new". Yes, but of course, it was one of the soundtracks from the movie "The Sandlot". I knew then exactly at what scene they were at.....Squints faking a drowning just so he could sneak that longed after kiss away from the desirous lifeguard. It’s a film that the whole family has enjoyed for the past thirteen years.

We never seem to tire of viewing great movies over and over again and actually being able to tell what someone is watching and at what point of the movie they’re at without being in the same room. That’s because of the multitude of times we have watched the same movies and their power at having lodged memory chips in our subconscious that creates a surge of emotional happiness within us when we recall the specific scene; “The Sandlot” was such a movie to have left a happiness chip behind.

The boys from the sandlot were enjoying “the summer of their dreams and fearing the dog of their nightmares” while my darlings were enjoying a moment of happiness being together on a quite drizzling Sunday morning that soon would conclude, for dad would be taking leave back to the bomb as they call it, in the early afternoon.

After receiving an email from Nature girl early this morning, I reflected on what she had said; “Time allows us to make memories and I am realizing that memories are all we have for nothing stays the same”. In thinking back to a post I had recently written “Time waits for no one” I know how much I value my time but yes there is a truth to what you say Nature girl; “ time allows us to make memories”.

Movies can have so much impact on ones life. Nature girl made me think hard this morning and how she is dealing with the harshness of her mom’s illness.
How sad… then, it must be for someone to deal with the terrible fact that they are slowly loosing their memory and won’t be able to remember anything or anyone from their past. The bits and pieces of their lives they so cherished, gathered and treasured will now, like the tiny granules of sand slipping thru the fingers, will ultimately vanish as time goes by.

I absolutely loved the movie “The Notebook”. I was immediately captivated with the movie so much so for the very reason it encompassed the power of love and how it over came barriers. The mosaic of ones soul {Allison} now lost and lonely in a home, only to be re-found in reading Allison’s journal to her by her beau Noah. The journal journeys thru the turbulent and passionate love story that Allison and Noah shared, piecing together the pieces of her memory and plucks at her heartstrings resurfacing her lost memories of their enduring love.
It certainly left me with a happiness chip to remember that if I ever might encounter such fate, my dear can read to me my journal and I will recall my life or part of it.

So time allowed us to make some minute but significant memories this past weekend. Time well spent sharing magic moments that will never come again for each is uniquely different and very special in its own way.

The sun peeked thru the clouds and warmed the autumn afternoon. Only the sound of the computer keys made their way to the kitchen and dad was saying his good byes with Em. Kiss good bye Annabelle….bye Stan ….Oh wait dad, are you going now? Yes, why? I think he wants a kiss too, Stan. Oh no, that’s only for cowboys! Hehehe….its just a joke we have with Ty.



miss*R said...

I love the Notebook too! what a wonderful movie. I haven't heard of Sandlot, though.
gee, it seems ages since I visited - I have lots of catching up to do here - so sorry for being such a rubbish blogging friend xoxo

Annabelle said...

Hi Miss Robyn,

Nonsense! It is always nice to hear from you but I understand we all have other responsibilities with caring for our loved ones and jobs to go to."Sandlot" is a great movie for kids and the kid in all of us.....I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good story line in a movie minus the special effects.


Daisy Lupin said...

+My daugther, wore out her [at that time] video of My Girl, and I had to buy her another one. I can't count how many times I have watched that movie I can probably recited the dialogue. As an adult she bought it again on dvd, it means that much to her. My son's favourite was The Goonies and we all loved ET and still do. The other film a very English madcap comedy chase is John Cleese in Clockwise, we all have copies of it and even now I crack up laughing when it is on. It's a real feel good movie. Is the notebook a novel as well it sounds very familiar though I have not seen the move.

Annabelle said...

Hi Daisy,
You just mentioned three out four movies that the whole family loves to watch and owns. There are so many more. "Clockwise” I never heard of it but I love John Gleese and I'll have to get of hold of it some time, thanks. "rAT rACE" Is another movie I thought of with John Cleese.
"The Notebook" is a novel by Nicholas Sparks. I haven't read the book but the film was fabulous; a must see! I highly recommend it.


Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Dear Annabelle.

What a thought provoking post. I lost my dear mother to Alzheimer's disease, at first, her long term memory was not too affected, so we could still enjoy our conversations even though they dwelt very much in the past, but as the disease progressed, that was lost too. I tried so hard to recapture many wonderful memories with her, I felt sure that if I tried hard and long enough she would eventually identify with something, I put together a collection of what I felt would be thought provoking photographs and I kept going through this album with her, talking and talking, trying and trying, but sadly no, all was gone, even I was gone from her memory, she no longer knew who I was. You are so right, nothing stays the same. Love from Marion

Jeanne said...

We share so much in common.
Treasure the sweet simple memory making moments of life. I too loved the Notebook.
Blessings to you!
Love Jeanne ^j^

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

I am going to order the sandlot! Thanks for the wonderful review of it!!

one of our favorite movies is "some like it hot!"

Lady Laurie said...

I find your blog so comforting, its like curling up with a good book and a cup of tea. Thank you for all your encouraging thoughts you left on my blog ~

Annabelle said...

It looks like we all share in favorite past times."Some like it Hot" is another movie we own and love seeing over and over again. Too funny; I always have a sore tummy after watching it. My favorite line is at the ending of the movie where Daphne reveals her/his identity to Osgood and he replies something in the line of, “Oh well, nobody’s perfect"....how so true!
Thanks for the lovely compliments to all of you.


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