Friday, February 16, 2007

The Secret Door ~ Completed!

My mom's house, originally uploaded by seaside rose garden.

The Secret Door

Dark of stormy night
No stars in sight
A sky intensely cold
Tonight there is no moon of gold

Too frail, too old
My hands so icy cold
The keyhole I must find
And get a hold
To unlock this door’s dead bolt

In uneven hand I hit upon
The key within the hole
And as I turn a notch
I hear the ticking of a watch
And the unlocking of a latch

Warily I walk into the darkened hall
My mortal body sustains itself
Up against the wall
Swallowed up in the warmth of home
I search for a match to light the smoggy dome

The light it flickers so and casts dancing shadows
Upon the vacant walls
I suppose this does because the candle lifts and falls
With suspicious wonder how
When there is little air not even on my brow

There at the end of the hall
The old farm door stands tall
On its facade of aqua blue
A painted picture of a girl I drew

It’s not a door to use
I only keep for my own muse
And thought it suited best to hold
My very precious art not sold

To look into a sight of celestial blues
A young girl dancing with no shoes
Always brought a smile to me
My spirit blissful and made free

I turn towards my bedroom door
To have a cup of tea seems such a chore
The bed looks comforting and warm
And so I choose its shelter from the storm

Beneath the covers and the sheets
So relieved to be all snug is like having luscious treats
My feet too numb with cold to move
One last thought on tea I cannot approve
In slumber sleep I fall
Echoes fill my head and call

With every nightfall a curtains drawn
I deem
Another one reopens to a dream
Props of old, velvet purples, blue red and green
Set a stage of a luxuriant Victorian scene

In the dim of light
I notice the theatre still this night
Each chair sits vacant but the one I hold
Of no audience I was never told

And in the highest right hand corner of the stage
Peter Pan glides down a spider thread from way backstage
And welcomes me once again with a beaming grin
…..The play begins

The curtain rises high and vanishes into the make believe skies
A Beam of light breaks through… I hear seagull’s cries
Vivaldi’s Storm tempestuously plays in swirls
And at my feet the white spume of the ocean surf uncurls

In the distance I spot billowy sails of two ships at sea
I reach out to greet them when a gust of salt air
Unexpectedly fills up my sleeves
And the waves of the sea softly paint and unravel
Foamy ribbons of diamonds of pearls and of lace
On a pink candy floss beach

Young and in love with the sea
I dance in the company of the wind with glee
My dress fluttering like butterfly wings
And my hair strung in a ponytail softly swings
Caressing my shoulders and amusingly tickling me

I took a walk into the night
A road not far from home
Above a star, a moon, a sky
Somehow they knew I’d come
Somehow I knew
There be an angel at my door



Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

wow. Annabelle, are you published?

Jeanne said...

YOu will certainly be on Oprah one day reading from your book.
Love you

Annabelle said...

No, I wish! Far from perfect but I still try to grasp with words what I feel.
I love to have Oprah read just one of my poems but I definitely would be too shy to ever read one in front of an audience. Thanks for the lovely compliments girls!


Blue the Spa Girl said...

This is superb. What a fantastic vision. I love your mind. Thanks for creating and sharing this gem with us.
You made my night, perhaps my dreams will be that much sweeter tonight!

Gypsy Purple said...

This is soooooo beautiful...I read it twice...lovely...had a great visit

tongue in cheek said...

This door opens and we walk into your beautiful world!

cityfarmer said...

You are one busy inspired lady!!!!

love to you

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

Annabelle, I wanted to come back and ask if I could feature you in one of my future Poetic Thursday posts at my Library Ladder blog?

Annabelle said...

By all means Orange Blossom; I'm quite flattered.
I will be trying to make a few visits to some of your blogs tomorrow if I can if not by Wednesday for sure. Tending to some important matter at the moment and will be talking to you all very soon. Bye for now.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Written from your soul...
This is outstanding, Annabelle!

I take my hat off to you...

Have a Wonderful day!

Lady Laurie said...

Annabelle, I must have been reading your blog while you were commenting on mine.
Hope you are feeling better?
I agree with everyone, your work is outstanding, I bet you could get your poems published in a heartbeat!

Naturegirl said...

Oh my ..sigh..
I can so feel this poem! Oh the words that last image you left us with...you are a ~master~ at poetry my dear Annabelle!
How blessed are we your audience that you trust us to share this masterpiece with! Thank you ...I would love to print out and keep in my ~~special box~~ may I..hugs NG

Izabella said...

love this Annabelle! oh so dreamy ~very soulful
xo ~Bella

Annabelle said...

So happy that you like it enough to keep in a special box; sure NG go right ahead and print it. Thanks for all the lovely compliments and I won't deny it Laurie that it would be grand to have my work published someday. We can only dream.
p.s. I'm working on one now but waiting for approval in using a pic.


Annabelle said...


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