Saturday, April 28, 2007

Awaiting the Wild Exuberance of Spring


Secret garden gate open, originally uploaded by ARendle.

In a quiet garden she stood contemplatively alone, listening to the sounds of the wind… awaiting the wild exuberance of spring

Enchanting thoughts filled her senses…sweet and quiet never-ending feelings held deep in her heart throughout the cold and bleak wintry year

Her world now was changing and knew…. soon it would come back to life…
Engaged in her silence it suddenly spoke…a little brown wren flew in and sang out a note and perched itself on the small garden bath by the aging old, backyard swing

A little doubtful and shy he moved closer to the still water’s edge and with a pensive study about… he decided, of this little pool he had no horrible terrible fear

Into the warm liquefied blue he plunked himself down and fluffed his feathers, flicking his wings in and out of the watery tub… scattering a mist of a million waltzing pearls into the resplendent crystal clear heavenly skies of white

But the tiny brown bird in his blissful bathe did not go unheard and unseen for then came two, then four and then many more came in jovial bouncy pair and joined in on the wonderful refreshing delight

What pleasure these special moments did bring for what she heard is what she had longed for and wanted so fervently to hear

How soon we forget things that have passed for only our hearts to tenderly nip from inside and remind us of our hidden lingering past

One, two and then three the little wrens went to dust their pretty plume, it seemed for oh so indefinitely long and their chatter was so full of wonderful cheer

And when they finished all their grooming off they went into a flock of shimmering glittering plumes into the wide open sky turning into a surreal image captured and glassed

These tiny creatures of God to some no more than just mere frivolities had brought life back with the coming of spring in their sprightly and lively happy dance

And she thought to herself how wonderful life really was for in her soul happiness dwelled and up to the sky she took one last glance

But before she could see them to the vanishing point she was beckoned to look by the
brown ivy gate

There under the oak she saw a small striped chipmunk who earnestly called in his high- chipping notes to all of his friends to hurry and foolishly not wait

For he had uncovered a bowl filled to the rim with walnuts and corn and wondered if it was only put there for his bait?

So hurriedly he stashed all that he could into his growing large mouth and into his dexterous hands for he was now no longer able to tell but was only concerned to finish his job for he didn’t want to go home very late

Down to his bottomless burrow he went and never looked back for he was now under the ground safely tucked in the comfort of his very huge home with his precious lovely endearing fine queen

….Away from harms way and the rain which now poured in buckets and streams… in time making the grass and the trees… turn all to a glorious magnificent green

And the juvenile girl, not even one step did she bother to move… just stood still and listened to the calm of the warm reawakening rain…
Thunderous and young breaking the heavens above in amplified crashes…. the first of spring’s ever entrancing and drugging vernal showers

She looked to the trees up above for there something had stopped the rain from pouring onto her already sopping frail miniature frame and she saw what she had been awaiting for so very long,
The color of earth’s cue in the resurgence of glorious new life.....

Umbrellas of chartreuse greens with tiny glistening beads falling in a circle around her as if she was in an enchanted fairies ring ……and now the rain stopped and the leaves filtered the golden light of the sun onto her bare naked feet and the melodies of birds… she heard sing and discovered that the buds of the cherry trees had blossomed into a palette of the most splendid of delicate pink and white feathery candyfloss flowers

And with this moment in time, life was back before she could even give it a very slight thought…
For the wrens were now back not bathing but…picnicking on the twinkling grass on the pesky dew worms that they luckily caught and the little chipmunk now had found right… to bring back with him his lovely new wife

In this quiet garden surrounded in the sounds and the scents of her favorite time of the year
This couldn’t have been lovelier than she ever endeared

She seized in her heart and her soul…
The magical potion….
Of the wild exuberance of spring



Sheila said...

Annabelle, So pleased to see you are back..!
This is a beautiful description of spring's awakening..!
I hope we may take it as a sign that you are feeling better..I DO hope so...

carolyn said...

It's lovely to see you posting again and with such a lovely post. Hope all is well with you?

Annabelle said...

Thanks for your thoughts guys. Momentarily out of order....haha

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Wow, the words, the words (she exclaims, clutching her heart....)
God breathes many a life form into existence, and Spring is his time to show off, even in the bathing ritual of a little brown birdie.

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Annabelle Dear.....

If I remember correctly, you have an important day coming up. Many blessing dear friend, may all be well with you and I look forward to your speedy and healthy return. Fondest Love - Marion

Lady Laurie said...

Dear Annabelle,
Always such lovely words.
I hope you are doing better, I miss you.
Sending prayers and hugs.

Jeanne said...

Love you my sweet friend.
Love Jeanne ^j^

Sheila said...

Thinking of you..

cityfarmer said...

can I please stroll through that garden gate?

tiffini elektra x said...

Oh so beautiful. But the tiny brown bird in his blissful bathe did not go unheard and unseen. . .sigh! I love that so very much. Gorgeous poem - it makes me want to shut off the computer and go outside right now!

cityfarmer said...

Thanks for the deep thoughts...missn ya as always

Izabella said...

it's been awhile since you have posted~

hope all is well~

missing you!

xo ~Bella

Laurie Anna said...

Wow,......what a beautiful poem. Your gentle spirit really comes through in your writing. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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