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~ Saturday Night FairyTale ~


Some tales are merely forgotten and for some they are forever engraved within their mind.

A long time ago, back in 1763 flickering lights were seen off the coast of Nova Scotia on a tiny remote and desolate island. People on the mainland believed pirates had chosen Oak Island, for it rested quietly on the cold waters of the north Atlantic, an area well known for its pirate activity, lonely and abandoned; it was a perfect spot for a pirate to hide his stolen treasures.

For sixteen year old Daniel McGinnis the old tale of the mysterious flickering lights on Oak Island, rogue pirates
secretly concealing their gilded chests filled to the brim to overflowing with precious sparkling jewels and gold doubloons completely captivated him. So Daniel one night rowed out to sea to the mysterious island to seek the reputed treasure buried some thirty two years before.

Patches of light, fading and then sporadically catching fire filled the void of the dark night; in its warmth and silence, the fireflies danced above in the old oak tree.
The night would reveal a tell tale sign for there Daniel observed a deeply ribbed branch, probably the mark of a rope used to lower and raise something quite substantial, maybe a heavy gold laden chest ? Below it, another branch had been sawn off to make room for whatever needed to pass thru, and at the base of the tree; a large bowl-shaped indent marked the ground looking even more to Daniel now, like the earth had been disturbed, surely to bury one’s treasure! Too dark to see and needing tools and extra help, he left the island till the next day.

The following day Daniel returned prepared and with extra help started to dig. After numerous attempts at reaching the chest Daniel became disheartened. The treasure he had seeked out, was to elude him for the maze of intricate compartments made up of ingenious log platforms and flood tunnels, kept Daniel and many alike, far from the riches that may have been buried beneath.

In the years that passed, treasure hunters came and went, some lucky enough to return empty handed to their ordinary lives and families while others fell short in their luck in losing their lives…a father and son lost.

Many years later a young seven year old girl would once again be awestruck just like Daniel had been by the stirring tale. Each night she would dream of going to the island and finding the treasure that had up until now not yet been uncovered.

To Anna, it was one of many tales her mother had read to her, filling her dreams of the night and the adventures of day, and when she was imagining she would always think back to discovery of The pharaoh’s tomb of Tutankhamun.
What would it have been like to be Howard Carter stepping thousands of years later inside the golden mausoleum of the murdered young king bathed by the opulent radiant rays of a golden sunburst? A room utterly of another world!

Yes, Anna had quite an imagination and the tales she read and was told just fueled her mind just a tiny bit more.
She would finally go one summer with her family on vacation to Nova Scotia and visit the infamous Money Pit and although once there she never did unearth the elusive treasure she had hoped to find, came back with a new story of The Oak Island Treasure that unfolded into a fantastical high tale, even more mysterious and capturing than the first time she had heard of it.
Anna was from that moment on enchanted by the magic of the tale for it too was a part of the treasure.

Treasures abound beneath the ground we walk on and above the ground we live, deep within the deep blue seas and
High above the skies, many still not found, many never to be found! To one a treasure is gold and silver, to another its discovering a hidden door behind an ivy clad wall,unlocking its bolt to a secret garden within. Precious and rare is a treasure, irreplaceable and unique is the treasure that you keep; it is only worth the value that you give.

A heart shaped stone, two pairs of shoes and an image on film of a severed human hand floating nearby three wooden chests, the money pit did yield but the treasure remained well sealed or did it?

My Treasure Keep filled with treasures and Gifts from The Sea


With each Saturday Night Fairytale I tell an inspirational piece of work will be posted the following day … Sunday.

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That leaped upon the air,
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~ Somewhere in England On Christmas Night ~
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~ Winter Dreams ~
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