Friday, April 10, 2009

*** Risky Business ***

Picture courtesy of Life and Google.

Paying attention to labels of medications is without doubt Risky Business and
Essential in surviving the afflicting ailment and still be a part of this world.
In recent years I’ve become forgetful due to a number of reasons one definitely being stress, needless to say with the forgetfulness I have made some mistakes but not like the one I am about to tell.
Wednesday evening after completing some digital orders I retired to bed earlier than usual, in a sense a premonition that something wasn’t just right. Around 2:45 in the morning I woke up from a pounding headache, not fully awake I made my way to the kitchen and took 2 Advils. I returned to bed but only 2o minutes had lapsed and my headache had intensified and now my leg made it quite unbearable to even lie down. So I grabbed the pills on the night table so I wouldn’t wake my husband and went to the kitchen and this time took two Tylenol 3.
By morning I had not slept a wink from the discomfort of the throbbing leg and headache and again took two more pills but of course these were another kind…Naproxen.

When I had gone to emergency on Monday for a meniscus injury upon leaving the hospital after the examination the doctor came out to see us in the parking lot to make sure that I wouldn’t mix all of the drugs that I was already on. My son than picked up my prescription and informed me that the pharmacist had mentioned to him to make sure to tell me of the precautionary measures to take, which of course he did. But I failed to remember what the doctor had said, what my son had said and failed in reading the paper instructions to the meds! A total idiot! There I said it! I don’t even know where my head was these past few days.

In the past 12 years I have been diagnosed with hypertension, HBP, Ulcers, Rheumatic Arthritis, a slipped disk and Fibroids (that had entwined my intestines and bladder) therefore I eventually had to have a hysterectomy 2 years ago and but of course complications from the H operation produced infinite bladder infections which I still deal with on a day to day basis. So with all of these ailments you quickly get the picture of the drugs I am on, from Celebrex, Nexium, Avilde, Lipitor…which I don’t take any more, and lets not forget the mighty germ fighters Yellow Jackets.. Yes my nickname for them…Macrobid.

So long story short 911 came to the house because I couldn’t get out of bed… I was that sick! One of the paramedics mentioned he had a reaction to the Naproxen just by taking one I had taken 2 in five hours along with the other drugs.
Yes, it was Completely My Fault! And yes seven drugs in my system! I nearly OD taking a quantity of drugs for two days in the span of five hours…what was I thinking!!! I experienced waves of nausea, dizzy spells every 2-4 minutes from 11 in the morning to 7 at night, with tingling feet and hands….I was in complete torture and all because I was messy and irresponsible in taking proper measures with my meds. Thank God it was me that I messed up with and not the children. I know I sound very, very stupid in doing such a thing and I certainly was but the pain over came my thinking.

I decided to write this post not for any sympathies but in showing a lesson was learned that could have easily been preventable. My daughter mentioned when I revived that I “You almost did the same thing Heath Ledger did” accidents do happen very quickly and sometimes quite innocently.

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alittlespottowriteforgetmenot said...

Oh goodness!!! That is totally scary Annabelle! I understand how it can happen though, when you are in so much pain distraction and not thinking straight can make you desperate! I'm so glad you are ok, but I'm so sad to read that you suffer so much... I have just one of your problems for 14 years and it is misery, sometimes I wish I could be normal, lol! I'm sure you feel the same. And you have my sympathy and I thank you for sharing your experience.
HUGS ****
xoxo Madai

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