Thursday, September 17, 2009

*** Earthly Stars ***

The Whimsical Beauties that Tony-El-Kassis grew...

“One shade the more, one ray the less,
Had half impair’d the nameless grace”

These little fellows don’t stay little for too long for they stretch and stretch meters far never knowing when to end; you could say they luv living life to its fullest.

These two pictures below are from Wikimedia.
Again a variety of Snake Gourd ....Aren't they beautiful and starry?

Autumn carries forth revelations and although what first caught my attention was not the fruitful bounty given to us by fall’s ripening crops but that of the flower belonging to a most unusual vine.
I am so delighted to say, time was on my side on this occasion, for I got to see first hand the beautiful flower belonging to the vine, “The Snake Gourd’, before Autumn‘s chill destroyed its delicate blossoming beauty.

The Vines, Tendrils, Flowers and Fruit of this vine are just so whimsical and lovely to look at even thou the name, in my mind doesn’t do it justice but then again I really don’t like snakes with the exception of the gold Italian snake ring I once used to own; never did find out of it’s mysterious and gradual disappearance from my life.
In any case, it’s the flower of the Snake Gourd that has ultimately captivated me with its most beautiful shade of white and petals shaped in large whimsical furls.
Like heavenly stars, they have five petals and for quite some time now I have taken to noticing how nature seems to replicate and rework each and every living thing to their own uniqueness. Nature is truly wonderful and only God could have created such immeasurable work of art!

When I approached the gentleman that grew these wonderful oddities of nature he informed me of its name, at least one of its many names….the “Sicilian Cucumber”…ha …should have known there was some kind of relation.
I researched online under that specific name and nothing came up but when I searched “cucumber white flower” I found it under the “Snake Gourd”. Funny thing is when I was talking to the grower I had mentioned of the coiling and green streaming ones on the arbor resembling snakes; I am not a great deal surprised on their archetypal name but I rather prefer the name the fellow had given it!

Tony, after introducing himself to me said he usually entered contests for growing immense fruits including pumpkins and inevitably winning consecutive years for quite some time; the price …a car for a year from the participating sponsoring car dealer in the Toronto metro area. After a while he said he was told he could no longer participate for he wasn’t from the area. This year though he is entering in the Pembroke contest. I wish him luck and a big thank you for introducing me to this exotic whimsical vine and allowing me in capturing its ethereal beauty.

I think I may try growing one myself sometime but first an arbor no doubt is essential!

Oh and somehow I cancelled some of the pics when I was uploading them. I will post more of the Snake Gourds on the Arbor and of the one cucumber that Tony had to dig a hole for since it got too big for its bed….could be his winning entry…I certainly hope so!!!! Thanks again Tony!


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~ Can I Keep You ?

~ Can I Keep You ?


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*** Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ***

*** Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ***
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*** Sir Christopher Lee ***
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*** Poe Stories ***

*** Poe Stories ***
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*** Gremlins ***
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Happy Sweet Sixteen Birthday Emma

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Nudge Ogle Wink,Nudge, Nudge, Wink WinkNine little spooky goblins stared behind the bubble glassso carefully they watched my every step upon the grassTis alarming when a stranger comes thru hereFor no one ever dare comes nearTheir home, once sat upon a witches head so steepBut now has found a secret box to keep…~ Annabelle

A Little Spooky Treasure Box I made last Halloween

* ~ Spirit of the Night ~

* ~ Spirit of the Night ~
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" Halloween Flight "

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~ Turn of the Screw ~

~ Turn of the Screw ~
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~ "Magic of the Night"...A study in Blue...Color of my Desires. My first painting{the moon}incorporated into a flickr mosaic. ~ Annabelle

*** Magic in the Woods ***

Starry, originally uploaded by Zsaj.

"For in an instance I did think I’d seen a zillion stars ablaze" When I had discovered the magical grove of fossilized crystals I thought I had seen stars. This is what it looked like only on the ground amongst the moss. Thanks to Zsaj for helping me interpret the scene I had discovered a few summers past.

~ Dreaming by a Moonlit Sea ~

~ Enchantments ~

Enchantment New
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~ Peter Rabbit ~

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* ~ Once Upon a Butterfly Dream ~


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* ~ Twilight at Sea ~

Another collage I created inspired by the poem "Twilight at Sea" I used dragonflies instead of birds...I luv them both but I adore how their gossamer wings catch the light. ~Annabelle

Twilight at Sea

The Twilight Hours like birds flew by,
As lightly and as free;
Ten thousand stars were in the sky,
Ten Thousand on the sea;
For every wave with dimpled face,
That leaped upon the air,
Had caught a star in its embrace,
And held it trembling there.

Amelia Coppuck Welby

* ~ Until We Meet Again ~

This collage is part of a poem I am presently writing for a very good friend who just recently lost his spouse. ~ Annabelle

~ Somewhere in England On Christmas Night ~

~ Somewhere in England On Christmas Night ~
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~ Winter Dreams ~

~ Winter Dreams ~
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*** A Good Witches Brew ***
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