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The Fountain ~ Enchanted Fairy Tree with Crystal Fossil Heart

"A zillion earthly stars entwined amongst the mossy covered ground. Surely, such a magical place like this must be the fays sweet home of reverie." ~Annabelle~

Dream a Little Dream

Of fairytales and voyages upon the splendid sea…….

Or upon a field of startling crystal swirls winking at you on an early spring morn…..

A sea that lived Millions of years ago… lost …but now once again found!

Like the flowers of the skies earth now dressed in stars!

A vision of pure beauty and allure I was fortunate to encounter on one of my morning hikes in the woods a long time ago.

And what I had felt at that moment was summoned up in Blake’s Poem…….

"To see a World in a grain of sand,

And Heaven in a Wild Flower,

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an hour." William Blake

And of course I too was inspired ........

I wrote this poem after I was enchanted by the Treasure I had Found in the Wood Beyond the World.

A Zillion Earthly Stars

Along a narrow winding road

I came upon a hollow grove

When to my eye did meet

A fantastical, magical, wondrous load

It shimmered and gleamed

And in between the moss did grow

For in an instance I did think

I’d seen a zillion stars ablaze

The sun shined brightly through the trees

Its friend the breeze accompanied

And together played amongst the leaves

Casting shadows on the scared ground beneath

Fragmented light bounced to and fro sporadically

Upon the zillion earthly stars I’d seen

And in their enlighten glow

They cast a stage of a beautiful twinkling fairy dream

Dragonflies and bees

Hovering in the breeze

With every flicker of their gossamer wings

They glittered and they gleamed

One by one they scattered until there were none

Oh, but wait

A little dragonfly had stopped

And landed on a stone

And at the little ones delight

I placed my hand to touch

To see how this could be

Could it all be what I believed?

What I had thought

The dragonfly and stone

Were of reality


And then I created this Magical Fairy Tree. I once had it for sale but then changed my mind and kept it. I have a terrible secret to share, I have an achilles heal; I hate parting with my art but as I've grown in age I appreciate all the beauty that surrounds me and I adore creating and having others enjoy my work even more, it becomes rather one of  motivation to create the Magic .....the stuff that Dreams are made of. It's in the nature of humans to create but more importantly to have others admire and appreciate their work seems to be a driving force and enables me with more fuel and inspiration, thus a plethora of creations amounts in my studio, one more reason to part with and make room for more.

So here you are my Enchanted Fairy Tree ~ " The Fountain " name given by my daughter Emma, she thought it reminded her of the tree in the movie "The Fountain". And since I have been attaching little bird nests on my Vintage Bottles I thought it would be magical to add one in the tree. I didn't have a tiny whimsical bird for it but I'm sure whomever becomes the owner of this FairyTale Tree will eventually find one that will luv it's new home. 

Funny how life surrounds us with so much inspiration....see the colour similarities in nest feathers and cat ?

Etsy write up follows .......

This Enchanted Tree is one - of - a – kind ~ OOAK
An another of my original designs I was inspired to create after a long hike in the Canadian wild woods gathering Million Year old fossils {Bryozoans} from the Ordovician Period dating back 443-490 million years ago. 
They are simply and utterly magnificent with their crystallized swirls …magical and whimsical …and the Enchanted Tree I have constructed sits on one of the rocks from that period. This is no ordinary rock but a fossilized rock dating back millions of years and is blessed with a gorgeous crystallized fossil heart..... all created by Mother Nature herself....Earth's Prima Donna of the Art.

It may be that the tree is a harmony of the Oak, Ash and Thorn and when grown together they create a magical place where little faerie folk can easily be seen and so it is a very much in love duet you see, that sits under one of the offspring branches of the Hawthorn right next to the sparkling heart by the root of the tree.

I also have been working on some mixed media miniatures as you can see in this photo,three more bottles although I have changed their name on hubby's suggestion; from now on I will be calling them "Pastoral Bottles ". 
According to him the name Pastoral also means Rustic and anybody that knows me well knows how much I adore and love the word and everything that belongs in that category so naturally it fit. 

M is still working on a Dream Catcher that is utterly dreamy, I want one for my studio but I'll have to wait...

Until next time wishing you Pastoral Dreams >A_A<

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Kiki aka Victoria said...

Annabelle..wow...this is exquisite beauty!! Gorgeous creative soul you are...thanks for sharing such stunning-magic..and your enchanted-heart! magnificent! beautiful photos..

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